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About ChaiDB

ChaiDB is an embedded database developed at the kernel level. It is intended to be very simple to use without any admin overhead, for high-performance read/write operations. ChaiDB can also act as an application data repository which is highly scalable and supports transactions.

ChaiDB is an ideal choice for applications utilizing caching, archiving, queuing, buffering, etc. ChaiDB can also act as a backend data store for applications using AJAX and Ruby, and is a great data-storage solution for the applications developed for the mobile devices.

ChaiDB is developed in Java and uses B-Tree implementation for data storage. It provides Java, JCA, JTA interfaces, database administration tools such as backup, restore, etc.

Latest News: JSON-Cache built on ChaiDB


Latest Release

ChaiDB 0.1.1

JSON-Cache 0.1.1

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