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JSON-Cache build based on ChaiDB storage is developed to provide persistence and cache solution for JSON data. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation . for more information visit is a lightweight data-interchange format, which basically consists of name/value pairs. JSON is becoming more popular among the web service providers and the trend is, more JSON objects will be generated on the server side over and over again (as opposed to XML), and caching/persisting these objects on the server side will become necessary.

JSON-Cache uses exactly the same API as provided by This means there is almost no learning curve for the existing JSON Java developers in using JSON-Cache. Even more importantly, this also means existing JSON applications can be converted into JSON-Cache and have persistence/caching capability instantly almost without any code changes in the existing applications. Download JSON-Cache from here (link to download page).


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ChaiDB 0.1.1

JSON-Cache 0.1.1

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