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JSON-Cache built on ChaiDB
01.15.2007 announces the first release package of JSON-Cache posted on SourceForge. JSON-Cache is developed to provide persistence and cache solution for JSON data. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation . for more information visit is a lightweight data-interchange format, which basically consists of name/value pairs. JSON is becoming more popular among the web service providers and the trend is, more JSON objects will be generated on the server side over and over again (as opposed to XML), and caching/persisting these objects on the server side will become necessary.

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ChaiDB Release Packages

ChaiDB release packages have been posted on SourceForge and are available for downloads. It is a very first release which has a version number 0.1.
    There are three release packages posted on SourceForge. package contains source code of ChaiDB. package is a sperate package containing javadoc APIs of ChaiDB. package contains binary version of ChaiDB including the documentations and samples.

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ChaiDB launched on SourceForge

ChaiDB open source project has been approved by SourceForge. ChaiDB is an embedded data storage project developed at the kernel level by using B-Tree implementation. ChaiDB provides high-performance read/write operations for the applications requiring fast, small-footprint, mission-critical data stores.

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Latest Release

ChaiDB 0.1.1

JSON-Cache 0.1.1

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